TRESemmé Replenish & Cleanse Shampoo

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Treat your locks to a clean slate with Tresemme Replenish & Cleanse Shampoo. Infused with vitamin C, this shampoo for greasy hair removes build-up and heavy residue that can weigh your hair down and diminish its natural shine, leaving you with that just-left-the-salon feeling.

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Tresemme Replenish & Cleanse Shampoo is designed to deeply cleanse and purify hair, removing build-up and heavy residue Enriched with vitamin C, this cleansing shampoo for greasy hair revitalises from within to add healthy body and gleam This professional-quality shampoo gives your hair that fresh, just-left-the-salon feeling Our hair care experts are at the forefront of science and safety – every ingredient is carefully selected to ensure your hair receives the best possible care